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Shanghai Newly Completed Branch Election Work

In accordance with the "Articles of the Communist Party of China" and the "Regulations on the Election of Primary Organizations of the Communist Party of China", under the unified deployment and guidance of the Party Committee of China National Building Material International Engineering Group Co., Ltd., on October 14, Shanghai Xinjian Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. convened all party members At the meeting, the branch election was successfully completed. After a secret ballot at the Party Member Conference, five comrades Wang Junyi, Yang Rongbin, Zhang Ruihua, Jiang Zhenlin, and Tu Youming (in the order of strokes of surnames) were elected as members of the Party Branch Committee. Comrade Tu Youming was elected as Party Branch Secretary and Comrade Yang Rongbin was elected as Deputy Party Branch Secretary.
Tu Youming made a statement on behalf of the elected branch team, saying that in the future work, first, we must earnestly study, publicize and implement the party's theory, line, principles and policies. Second, we must fully promote democracy, and do a good job in building the branch team and party members. Third, we must innovate mechanisms, improve methods, earnestly do a good job in training and development of party members, and inject fresh blood into party organizations. Fourth, we must adhere to the principle of the party’s management of talents, gather outstanding talents from all aspects into the company’s development, unite and lead the employees to complete the tasks of the unit, and make positive contributions to the company’s goal of transformation and upgrading.

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